A Family Weekend Away

I’ve been away for the weekend with my two to Scotland, just getting home this afternoon. It was a much needed break, escaping from emails and jobs.

My Dad, their Bampa, took us all up to a farmhouse B&B in Carluke, so we could go to a family party in Stirling on Saturday. The owners of the B&B could not have been more accommodating, and at the party our kids played with their second cousins while all the children were let loose and had some fun. We spent time at an Italian restaurant, returning for tea each of our three nights away, and the owners fussed over the kids and asked their names.

The weekend’s atmosphere was positive, happy and totally welcoming wherever we went. Mostly, that is my experience as a mum and it warms your heart when family, friends and even strangers look out for you and your brood. As a mum it’s amazing what a difference kindness makes. For anyone, in fact. To me, kindness is just essential.

Another extension of this was when my Dad suggested we stop off at a house he lived in when he was 4. Trying to peek over the wall from the path, we saw people in the garden and I called over to them. We explained our story and they invited us all in, giving my Dad a tour of his childhood home and taking us through the house’s history and any changes they had made. They even had documents to hand with my Grandpa’s name on.

Really, they could have just politely spoken to us outside. Inviting us in was such a lovely gesture and one that was so special. Something that totally made the weekend, I did feel a bit like we were in an episode of Who Do You Think You Are. Minus the crying and emotional family trees.

Home again now, and ready to get back to normal, I’ve treasured the break and feel refreshed to tackle the rest of the summer holidays. Especially as we returned to find Daddy had redecorated Miss L’s bedroom. What a bonus.

Roll on our next family holiday.

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