Specsavers Morpeth Appointment and Glasses Review

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Last month, Specsavers kindly treated me to a voucher covering a free eye test and complimentary glasses.

So I booked in, choosing to visit their Morpeth branch. The team were brilliant throughout my initial first appointment and later fitting appointment the following week. Plus, with their current 2-for-1 deal, I came away with two pairs of stylish specs.

The lovely Heather from the Morpeth team greeted me as soon as I walked in the door, explaining about my appointment and taking me through a pre-test procedure. As part of this, Heather used a non-contact tonometer to check for glaucoma. Small puffs of air are blown into your eyes, which makes you jump a little, but isn’t at all uncomfortable.

I then waited a very short time before Tim, the optician, did my sight test. I explained to Tim that I’ve been feeling like I’m getting eye strain headaches lately, and sure enough, my prescription had changed slightly. He was very thorough and talked through all the different parts of the test. Features of the test included using an opthalmoscope, test chart and retinoscope.

One thing that impressed me about my Specsavers experience was the technology; from the lack of those hideous enormous glasses to test your eyes, to the use of an iPad video recorder for me to watch myself in the glasses I had chosen. These digital perks all made the appointment so much more enjoyable. The iPad used to take pictures of me in the glasses also had a feature for measuring the way the frames sit on your face, all perfect fitting service prep.

After the sight test, assistant Mike talked me through the glasses I may like to choose, and I have to say, he was totally spot on with the styles that did suit me. He suggested frames I maybe wouldn’t have looked at on my own, and just gave his honest opinion and guidance.

On my return less than a week later I had two little ones in tow, who Mike treated to a Finding Dory sticker each. They were very happy, and so obviously I was too. The fitting appointment only took about ten minutes in total, if that, and I left with my new glasses.

The pairs I chose were by Love Moschino and the Twiggy for Aurora range. Here’s the Love Moschino pair, which are priced at £125:

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I love the pink rims offset against the black, and the retro shape of these glasses. They feel super stylish to wear.

Then the Twiggy for Aurora pair, also priced at £125:

Specsavers 4

These glasses are a gorgeous blue and black tortoiseshell, with sparkly detail. Miss L has her eyes on this pair for herself.

Despite the prices listed, it cost £125 for both pairs, with the buy one get one free offer. I also requested the anti-reflective coating on one pair, the specs which I will use mostly for being at the computer.

Given a total spectacles overhaul, and wearing pairs that actually fit with my altered prescription, I feel like a new woman. I would absolutely recommend a trip to Specsavers; their team are welcoming and total experts, plus the spectacles are all rather swish too.

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Disclaimer: The eye test appointment and glasses featured were both gifted to me c/o Specsavers. As always, all views are my own.


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