RHYTHM 108 Ooh-la-la Gluten and Dairy Free Tea Biscuits

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Offering a range of gluten and dairy free tea biscuits, RHYTHM 108 are right up my street. Sent a box  of their Ooh-la-la biscuits to sample, I can tell you they are extremely tasty.

As someone who has been (mostly) gluten and dairy free for over 10 years now, it can at times be hard to find snacks that don’t taste of cardboard. Also certified organic, the Ooh-la-la flavours available include Chocolate Hazelnut and Lemon & Ginger. I’ve just eaten a packet and am already planning to devour another after writing this. Honestly, they taste totally amazing.

I’m not even that much of a biscuit person, but these treats are made using coconut oil and are just the right balance between crunch and richness. Does that make sense? How do you describe a biscuit best?!

RHYTHM 108’s background is that of major success in Switzerland, so the company decided to branch out. Made by Swiss patissiers with over 30 years of experience baking, gluten and dairy free ingredients cover cacao powder, roasted hazelnuts and zero preservatives or flavourings.

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RHYTHM 108 was set up by Siddhi Mehta, a graduate from Oxford university with a masters in Engineering. Siddhi initially worked in the City before embarking on a mission to be creative with healthy eating options available. On her travels, Siddhi developed a passionate appreciation of ancient cooking techniques and a flair for recipe creation, using simple trial and error.

Siddhi Mehta says; “More and more, customers looking for healthy snacking options are unwilling to compromise on taste. With our fresh & fun packaging and convenient single-serve packets, we believe our Ooh-la-la Tea Biscuits target all three customer preferences: healthy, wholesome ingredients in line with key trends (gluten free, dairy free, “no nasties”), fabulous taste,and convenient and fun packaging suited to today’s on-the- go lifestyle.”

So, there you have it, my new favourite biscuit. There are two in each packet, neatly wrapped and sitting on a little paper layer. Excuse me, while I go and devour some more…

RHYTHM Ooh-la-la Tea Biscuits are priced at £1.30 per pack and can be found in Planet Organic, All Revital stores, The Natural Kitchen, As Nature Intended, and other independent health stores.


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