Everyday Treats


Posh new perfume? Gorgeous pair of shoes? How often do you make these buys a part of your everyday, or do you always just save them for best? I’m definitely guilty of the latter, and am now actively fighting against it. I’m not actually sure what I’m waiting for half the time, but I really want to embrace everyday luxuries; whether on a night out or just topping up the petrol.

There’s no point leaving a stunning set of clothes or makeup waiting around unworn, when we can add a little lift to an otherwise monotonous day. For me anyway, it’s all about combining some positivity and joy with each and every occasion.

For example, Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne is my absolute favourite and I just indulged in a new bottle. Well, that baby is coming out even for the school run, as well as on date night or for a weekend away. OK, so I’m not going to be stupid and douse myself in expensive fragrance and fritter it away when buying something special is a treat. But, an elaborate spritz to elevate your mood is never a waste.

Because really, it’s the everyday routines that need a bit of happiness and excitement blended in. Especially if you’re having a rocky time, some extra lipstick or an extravagant handbag are just the medicine you may need. I think the health visitor may have got a fright the day she came to do Mr T’s two year check and I had a bright red pout, but hey, it made my sleepless exhaustion seem a hell of a lot better.

So who’s with me on this? The brighter the lipstick, the sparklier the top and the poshest of perfumes; let’s roll out the treats and glam up even the dreariest of days.


  1. KittNoir August 29, 2016 / 9:32 am

    Well said Gorgeous! 🌹💄

    • mummymode August 30, 2016 / 1:02 pm

      Thank you lovely! blows posh lipstick kisses xx

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