ISSA by FOREO Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

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I’ve heard amazing things about the ISSA sonic electric toothbrush by FOREO and have been very keen to try it for myself.

Priced at £149, I was sent their Hybrid Lavender shade to review. You can also choose between Hybrid Cool Black, Hybrid Mint and Hybrid Cobalt Blue.

An extremely sleek design, one of the best bits about the toothbrush is how easy it is to keep clean. With most electric toothbrushes, they get grimy quite easily and despite wiping, still don’t look great over time. This one however, is simple to wipe and as the head attaches to the body without grooves or dips, dirt can’t find its way in.

The silicone head lasts for an entire year, which is a definite bonus. Using Sonic Pulse Technology to break down plaque and remove stains, it simultaneously whitens teeth and cleans gums while preventing tooth enamel damage. Plus, you’ll get a a limited warranty lasting two years, alongside a ten year quality guarantee.

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Coming in a stylish pouch, the toothbrush is simple to take with you on weekends away or holidays. The idea is to use it like any other electric toothbrush, and you can then apply the inclusive tongue cleaner and finish off your tooth cleaning regime. Your initial FOREO purchase covers a toothbrush, two heads, tongue cleaner, charger and a travelling pouch. When you need a new head, the replacements are £18.98; a bargain for a year of brushing.

Launching in September is the ISSA Mikra Baby Toothbrush (£79), aimed at children from zero to four years old. Complete with a small rounded brush ideal for getting into little mouths, soft silicone brushes direct delicate pulsations in two different modes to massage and sooth sore teething gums.

Key features include; a hygienic silicone design, gentle sonic pulse technology, kid-friendly design and it is completely safe and simple to use. As a parent, anything which adds a little fun and excitement to such a vital part of their daily routine is a fantastic idea. Having used the adult version for the last few weeks, I can see it is going to be a brilliant mama buy.

From a style point of view, I love the look of all ISSA products and accessories. More importantly, now I can testify that their fantastic function matches up to the stunning design.

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