Vorwerk Kobold VK200 Review


A couple of weeks ago, Peter from Vorwerk popped to our house and brought with him the absolutely spectacular Vorwerk VK200 carpet and cleaning system. Hugely popular with our Italian and German counterparts, I was invited to the press launch of the VK200 back in June. Unable to attend, they kindly brought the system to me, so I could see it for myself, and do my own tech review.

Launching mid September (online), the complete VK200 system includes; VK200 Body with Automatic Electric Brush, Carpet Freshener, DuoClean, Full Accessory Pack and Electric Upholstery Brush. There are different options available and you can also choose the carpet system of the VK200 Body plus Automatic Electric Brush, Carpet Freshener, Full Accessory Pack and Electric Upholstery Brush.

Selling from £749 to £1,499, depending on which bits you buy, the items are clearly a hugely considered purchase. However, Vorwerk systems do have a product life of around 17-25 years, during which time you could actually spent the same amount on a load of different vacuum cleaners, as pointed out to me by Peter.


Vorwerk 3.jpg

Our downstairs is all laminate flooring and is a pain to mop, hoover and all the rest. We have a rug too, where the kids spill juice, cake and ice lollies constantly. The DuoClean was probably the part of the VK200 I was most impressed with. Not only does it mop but it vacuums too, all at the same time. And there’s no wet floor to avoid, it pretty much dries as you go. With steam cleaning having the potential to damage and crack hard floors, this is your answer.

Onto that tricky rug, Peter used the VF200 Carpet Freshener to literally dry clean the fibres. Explaining that wet cleaning is a total no-no in terms of carpets because the water pools and makes a sludge which worsens the situation, the Carpet Freshener draws grease and grime out, adding stain protect in simultaneously. Our rug and floor has seriously never looked better. I know I’m raving about a cleaning system, which isn’t necessarily something I do on this blog, but it is all honestly that good.

The Electric Upholstery Brush has both a Dry Cleaning and Deep Cleaning Mattress Attachment, freshening your bed from within. We smelt the lavender Lavenia cleaning product used to condition and cleanse the mattress and it was dreamy. You can buy a Full Accessory Pack to clean curtains, your car and more. Vorwerk seem to have thought up all those hoover foibles that irritate you, from inputting streamline nozzles to storage and clicking all the pieces together, and made boring cleaning much easier to tackle.

Another big bonus about the VK200 is once you’ve made the initial investment (which can be split over monthly payments), the cleaning products to go with each attachment are relatively inexpensive and are set to last ages. Coming with bags and a filter cover, Vorwerk even safeguard you against this coming away with thought-out elements to protect the machine. If you have a problem with it, a 5 year warranty is included too.


As part of the overall VK200 system review, we were gifted a VC100 Handheld Vacuum (RRP £129), which is cordless. Ideal for cleaning, dusting and hoovering out the car, this neat and nifty model has a cylinder that you empty. Battery-operated, it is simple to use and grab for on the move cleaning. A wall mount charging station means it is simple to store too. Plus, the kids love it so they can do the stairs for me instead…

I’d seriously recommend just seeing a VK200 for yourself, as there are so many elements to investigate and try. When our current vacuum cleaner pops its clogs, I will definitely consider looking into a Vorwerk.

Disclaimer: I was gifted with a VC100 Handheld Vacuum as part of this review.

Find out more information about the VK200 at kobold.vorwerk.co.uk

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