Kids’ Crafts & Knitting

Little Miss L has always loved arts and crafts; taking to sitting for hours on end, drawing, colouring and sticking.

I can’t take any credit whatsoever, but she is also so sweet when it comes to knitting. Both of her grandmothers are dab hands at it, showing L how to knit and purl. I love that this is an activity that takes her away from a screen and really hope she continues as she gets older.

Plus, I know I’m biased, but she’s pretty flipping good at knitting! I’m amazed by how neatly my girl knits, given that I can barely clack a couple of needles together at all. Her creative brain always churns out such cute crafty ideas and honestly, she inspires me. Yeah, yeah, soppy mama or what?

There are so many good kids’ sewing sets about at the moment, which make stitching random animals a bit more foolproof. Always a help with a novice mother like me, she really loves her after school sewing class too.

Over the summer we went to our lovely in-laws’ house in Yorkshire. One of the days we were there it was really cold and rainy, and I needed to get on with some work. After a day of writing, I came downstairs to find the kids with Nanny, several craft projects in the process.

They had made ‘kennels’ for their soft toy dogs, baked a pie and L was in the middle of knitting some sort of miniature scarf. It totally warmed my heart- after all, isn’t this what memories are made of?

Although, I have to admit, it’s definitely advisable to keep the knitting kit away from Mr T. Otherwise, I have visions of Barbie coming a definite cropper and maybe a few massive holes in my favourite dresses…

Disclaimer: post in collaboration with Deramores.

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