LFW SS17 Beauty: Sisley at Emilia Wickstead



As London Fashion Week SS17 continues, I’m keeping a close eye on hair and beauty trends. At the Emilia Wickstead show on Saturday, Sisley were on hand to create fresh spring skin, which will take us into summer next year.

Tania Grier, Sisley UK Make Up Artist Ambassador, explains. “ To compliment Emilia’s elegant and vibrant colour palette and delicate textures for this season, I wanted to keep the make-up fresh and clean. Inspired by the gentle, sheer silks and timeless femininity of the clothes, which evokes an effortless freedom, we wanted natural beauty to shine through and reflect a youthful abandon,which is seen in the collection.”

The feel is modern and romantic, with a two-tone lip added in for an extra twist. Emilia’s collection features both polka dot details and a playful mood, which was reflected in the beauty.


Glowing skin completes the ethereal feel, achieved using moisturising products. Get ahead of the game and follow this step-by-step to get the SS17 look:

1. Prepare the skin using Sisley Integral Moisturiser which will give the skin a healthy glow. Apply all over the skin, avoiding the T-Zone. Next, apply Sisley’s Mattifying Moisturiser with Tropical Resins on the T-Zone, starting on the forehead and taking this down the nose and on to the centre of the chin.

2. Next, apply Sisley’s Double Tenseur from the centre of the brow, down to the start of the cheekbone in a half moon shape, using light tapping motions. The final step to prepare the skin is to apply Sisley’s Instant Perfect on the tip of the nose and on the centre of the chin.

3. Using your fingers, apply half a pump of Sisley Le Teint Foundation for a flawless, but invisible canvas. Apply this in dots along the T-Zone and on the apple of the cheeks and then blend out on to the rest of the face. Follow with a pea-sized amount of Sisley Sun Glow Gel to add natural warmth to the complexion.

4. Instead of using mascara on the lashes, take the mascara wand and apply to a flat angled brush and lightly dot this on the upper lash line and along the length of the lashes. This adds very subtle definition and slightly opens up the eye, without using mascara, keeping in line with the natural, minimalistic style. Using Sisley’s Phyto Ombre Eclat Vanilla, apply with a soft crease brush, sweeping gently over the brow bone and lid.

5. For a natural finish, apply Sisley’s Phyto Lip Twist Balm, followed by a dab of Sisley’s Phyto Lip Twist in Litchi to give a subtle colour to the lips.

6. For the looks that called for a pop of colour, we decided to apply a two toned lip using Sisley’s Matte Phyto Lip Twist in Kiss and Tango. Start by dabbing the pink shade (Kiss) on to the top lip, directly from the twist and then move on to the bottom lip using the red shade (Tango), applying slightly more colour to the very centre. To ensure this doesn’t look too ‘done’ and made up, blend the colour with your fingers.

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