Two Claps and a Wish

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Since the kids have been back at school, we’ve returned to the impossible task of finding out information about their days. As soon as they come home, I ask “what have you done today?”, to be met with “eurgh, can’t remember”. Seriously fellow parents, please tell me I’m not alone in this?

I definitely get that after being bombarded with tasks and listening all day long, little (and big) ones need space to decompress and don’t necessarily want to be hounded by questions from their nosy mother. Sometimes in a bid to get L talking, I’ll steer towards the direction of asking her what she had for pudding. Surely, everyone wants to chat about cake?

When I spoke to my mum about this, explaining I just wanted a little insight into their day, she told me about something she used to do when my siblings and I were younger. Wanting to keep the lines of communication open and checking in on how happy your kids are must be fairly high on the agenda for most mums and dads.

Anyway, my mum suggested I try a little game called ‘two claps and a wish’. Am not entirely sure where she got this from, but it is really so lovely. What you do is, ask the child which two bits of the day they’d give themselves a pat on the back for, and which one thing they would change or do differently tomorrow. Kids aside, it’s probably a positive exercise for us adults too.

It can literally be as simple as them wishing they’d chosen a different meal for lunch or thinking of trying to include a new friend at playtime. I usually wait until teatime to play ‘two claps and a wish’ with the kids and get the mama info I want to know. The best bit is, any feeling they are being interrogated disappears and the children just find it fun.

Am not sure that I’ll make a vaguely decent detective anytime soon, but slowly I may have found a way to gain a little insight into their school adventures.


  1. happywawa15 September 19, 2016 / 12:20 pm

    A great idea! 😀

    • mummymode September 19, 2016 / 12:21 pm

      I was amazed by how well it works!

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