Yardley London Contemporary Classics Collection Launch


When it comes to scents and fragrance, I am definitely drawn to simplicity. Often perfume companies can over-complicate things, but sometimes less really is more. I think it’s fair to say that Yardley London perhaps has a reputation of being a favourite for older women, yet their Contemporary Classics Collection is actually just totally timeless.

Comprising hand creams, eau de toilettes and moisturising body mists, the range covers floral scents such as dahlia, bluebell, rose and lavender. Launched in August, the collection is brand new. Fresh and uplifting, I’ve recently been putting some of these lovely products to the test.

Tapping into English heritage and our floral history, the beauty goodies contain 95% natural ingredients. Coming first to the English Dahlia part of the range, this feminine floral fragrance is presented as an eau de toilette (£9.99 for 50mls), body spray (£2.49 for 75mls) and a nourishing hand cream (£4.49 for 100mls). Other fragrances can also be found in each product form, depending on the scent you prefer.

Yardley 2.jpg

For something a little lighter than an eau de toilette, the moisturising fragrance body mists soothe and soften skin. You can wear these alone or even add in underneath your favourite perfume. Scents which you can buy the mists in are; English Lavender, English Rose, Lily of the Valley, April Violets and English Bluebell. Rose is my ultimate must-have scent (hence our daughter’s middle name…), but I do really like the English Bluebell version too.

Hand creams are basically an essential in my handbag, bathroom, and randomly placed around the house. Yardley London have added in essential oils and nourishing ingredients to their hand creams. Featuring almond oil, jasmine and shea butter, you can select the fragrance you like best and add some scent into hand-soothing proceedings.

Purse-friendly to boot, Yardley’s collection has got my beauty vote.

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