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A change in seasons can dramatically affect skin, and for me, around the eyes in particular. I’ll find my peepers streaming as if I’m weeping when outside and I also sometimes get sore and dry skin around the lids themselves.

So if you’re suffering with the same beauty problem, I’ve rounded up the best winter eye products around.

First up; Dry Eye Concealer (£11.95) from Skin Shop. This pen-click wand is soothing on the eyes, as it is free from parabens and SLS.  An inclusive delicate brush applicator ensures eyes won’t become irritated upon application and this makes it simpler to brighten and line the eyes, erasing those pesky mascara smudges too.

I’ve been trying out the Dry Eye Concealer for a couple of weeks now and this pen has replaced the brightening product I was using previously. Suitable for eczema around the eyes, the concealer has anti-inflammatory properties which really helps with tiredness as well. Totally impressed by the price, my often irritated eyes are both feeling and looking better. I would seriously suggest trying this out for yourself.


Next, the new Murad Professional Eye Lift Firming Treatment (usually £45 but currently £38.25 if you’re quick) was recently launched and is designed to deliver filler-like results without the hassle or time spent at a salon. Perfect for busy women, you just pop three pumps of the treatment under each eye and cover with the eye pads included. The pads hold the product in place and you then remove them after 10 minutes.

A complete winter pick-me-up, this buy is part of the Murad Professional collection, and features exclusive surface-filling spheres to plump up your skin. The eye area is known for being thin and delicate, yet results have shown after use, the treatment creates visibly firmer and smoother skin. I’ve put the Professional Eye Lift Firming Treatment to the test and can honestly say, I noticed a difference.

My dehydrated under-eyes look replenished and revitalised. Plus, the whole process feels a treat, one which you can enjoy while carrying out any jobs. Or, preferably, with a glass of wine in your hand.


Finally, onto a product that has been a firm favourite of mine for a while now- Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion (£13.25).  A refreshing liquid which I use to sweep over lids when I wake up and remove light makeup at the end of the day; it is enriched with signature Liz Earle naturally active ingredients, such as aloe vera and cornflower.

Whether your eyes are tired, sore or itchy, lightly wipe a cotton pad with Eyebright on over lids to feel the calming and clearing relief it brings.

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