Maza Almond Butter Hot Chocolate


This week is officially National Chocolate Week, but I mean seriously, when isn’t it? All set for cosy time, I’ve teamed up with Maza to bring you their delicious almond butter hot chocolate recipe.

A gluten and dairy free delight, this simple recipe is sumptuous and warming, not to mention totally divine. Sweetened naturally, Maza chocolate is made from cacao beans and cacao butter. Intense real chocolate, the smell and tastes are equally decadent.

Getting away from high sugar content foods has been a big aim for me this year, as I’m just not a fan of too many processed bites. It can be tricky and I’m certainly no healthy food angel, but it’s worth cutting back on refined sugar, simply to see your energy levels soar. Removing the ridiculous cravings, by reducing sugar I’ve felt less sluggish and have definitely not missed those horrible energy spikes and crashes. Maza are a definite go-to for gorgeous, real chocolate.

Ready to snuggle up with, I’d seriously suggest making a large mug of their almond butter hot chocolate. Their yummy flavours include Dark, Almond and Coconut, with the luxurious option to also indulge in a three bar gift pack. Count me in.

So, to make some Maza almond butter hot chocolate, all you need is:

1 cup of almond milk
A very generous spoonful or 2 of smooth Almond Butter
1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
About 4-5 pieces of MAZA Chocolate – any flavour
1tsp palmyra nectar powder or sweetener of choice to taste

Simply warm the milk in the pan and pour it into your favourite mug over the broken chocolate, palmyra nectar, cinnamon and almond butter, before mixing thoroughly to produce the heavenly elixir.

I can see this recipe taking us right through autumn, winter and beyond.

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