Sister Hen and Wedding Time


At the beginning of October, Mr B, the kids and I all travelled south to see my sister. It was to be our first trip since Sally and her boyfriend bought their new house and we arrived armed with champagne.

As soon as we got to their gorgeous place, Aunty secretly whisked the kids off upstairs. The trio arrived back in the living room a little while later, giggling and smiling. L then burst out “Aunty Sally’s getting married!”, before we all screamed and everyone jumped up and down a lot. Excuse me while I get a little soppy, however, this has to be the absolute best way of being told my best friend and sister was to marry her other half. I  don’t know about them, whose day it actually is, but I’ve been on a happy high of wedding news ever since.

So with the wedding comes maid of honour duties (eek) and a girly hen do* of course. For our wedding, I had a small hen meal and then a bigger night out, at the end of which we met up with the boys and all danced the evening away. I do feel there can be far too much pressure on the whole hen experience, and to me it should simply be about sharing that special time with your nearest girls.

Like the wedding, a hen do has to be totally personal to you and without any annoying ‘traditional’ expectations. The one piece of advice I would give any bride, is that you’re always going to offend someone and you must just do what you want. Hen included, this is Sally’s time and I can’t wait to be there in the wings ready to plan and help in every way she wishes.

Bring on all the wonderful wedding celebrations…

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