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With the colder weather seems to come all sorts of nasty bugs and colds. One of our little ones is off school at the moment and I’m trying to boost my own immune system too. Probiotics are a brilliant addition to your routine, as the benefits of protecting your gut also cover a whole host of health issues. I’ve teamed up with OptiBac Probiotics, gathering their top immune system boosting tips.

I’ve been taking OptiBac Probiotics for a little while now, adding in the ‘For every day’ (from £11.29) capsules to my own diet and the ‘For babies & children’ sachets (from £6.99) to the kids’. OptiBac Probiotics are absolute experts on the massive health perks probiotic and prebiotic supplements will bring. You could actually see the addition of these tablets and sachets as totally essential.

Having taken the probiotics religiously I wouldn’t stop now, as this daily tweak feels such a pro-active health step. Over the winter months if you do have to take antibiotics, OptiBac Probiotics cover tablets especially to protect your gut while on them. As well as taking these little probiotic tablets, there are obviously lots of other ways to help dodge coughs and colds.



Over to OpticBac Probtiocs, with their immune booster expert insight, suggesting the best ways to increase your health and illness resistance this winter…

We all think of taking lots of powerful supplements to help support our immune system, but it’s important to ensure that we’re supporting our immune system with our diet and lifestyle too. Here are five top tips to help support your immune system naturally:


We may not make the association, but eating lots of sugar and sugary, refined foods, can compromise immune function. Sugar stops our bacteria-busting immune cells from working efficiently, so eat foods that are full of nutrients instead, such as antioxidant-rich fresh fruits and vegetables.

Reduce toxic overload

Our immune system is programmed to deal with incoming pathogens and toxins, many of which are invisible and unknown, but why introduce known toxins on a regular basis to make life extra difficult for your immune system? Cutting down on smoking, alcohol and drugs is one way to reduce the toxic load on your body, and drinking plenty of water and cleansing herbal teas can help with detoxification.

Reduce stress levels

A degree of stress is normal, and is even thought to be healthy, keeping our ‘fight or flight’ mechanism stimulated. However, when we’re under chronic stress, the release of stress hormones such as cortisol can dampen down our immune responses, and our ability to fight off infections. So if want to support your immune system, then take a good look at your lifestyle too and make sure that you’re getting enough time to relax.


Relaxation leads me very neatly on to sleep. The body views not getting enough sleep as a major stressor, and not getting enough can negatively affect our immune response. While we sleep, our immune system releases substances called cytokines, which are needed to help fight infections, so sleep deprivation can lead to decreased protection against nasty bugs and other diseases. Not only that, but we heal and repair our body during sleep and it’s a vital part of a good healthcare regime. The amount we each need as individuals can certainly vary, but there’s a difference between scraping by on four hours a night, and getting eight full hours of quality restful sleep, so have a think about whether you’re getting as much as your body needs.

Go with your gut

If you currently have a fast-paced lifestyle, eat on the go, don’t get much sleep, and can’t do much about it then sometimes you do need to take a supportive supplement to help support your immune function. Many people don’t realise that one of the most effective ways of doing this is to ensure that your gut flora is in good order, as our intestinal microflora ‘talk’ to our immune system, and are considered by some scientists to be an integral part of the immune response. So supplementing with a high-quality, well-researched probiotic formula ‘For daily immunity’, a blend of probiotics and immune-supporting antioxidants, vitamin C, pine bark and green tea extract, could be a useful part of your daily healthcare regime if you’re looking to enhance immune function. Studies show that the probiotics can help to enhance the action of the antioxidants, giving your immune system some welcome support.

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