The Life Juggle


Here’s a picture of me at the beginning of chaotic half term week; looking calm, but with lots of help and being hosted by a friend who was supplying copious amounts of caffeine. That motherhood notion of juggling it all and winning? I prefer the idea of trying to work out how best to move forward when we do drop the ball/s, as this mysterious multi-tasking concept seems pretty far fetched and one that I think can breed feelings of inadequacy.

There is no magic formula, just reality, and I for one, would like to be honest about it. The day in question I basically sat down while my (perfect) pal let the kids run riot and made us all lunch. The other thing is, I’m wearing four layers of foundation to conceal one very tired mama. That same morning, part of my favourite earring pair broke and I had probably shouted at the kids several times. Just y’know, in the interests of not making anyone weep at the idea that everyone else is smugly ‘juggling’ life perfectly.

We are undoubtedly fantastic at managing lots of things, however I like the idea of giving each other a break. The thought that we can own our failings and know some days are just actually a total struggle, means the others we swim through excellently are all the more sweeter.

So today I’m celebrating what I’ve conquered. At just before 10am, this is; doing a top knot without chipping my nails when I put the kirby grips in (does this happen to anyone else?), getting on top of my emails and having dressed children. I’ll be ignoring the stuff I can’t face yet- taking overdue library books back, sorting out the glass needing to go to the bottle bank which is blocking the front door, booking T’s birthday party, having any milk in, putting my makeup on, etc etc.

Let’s all be kind to ourselves and each other with big pats on the back all round, today and everyday. Whether you’ve sorted out that to-do list or not. Cuppa, anyone?

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