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The ultimate brow and eyelash guru, Shavata Singh has 25 years in the beauty business under her belt. An advocate for the importance of eyebrows and that essential shape they add to your face, I particularly love Shavata’s mantra that “eyebrows are sisters not twins”.

The Shavata product range covers all sorts of cult buys, from tweezers to palettes and my personal must-haves, their Defining Pencil (£15) and Brow Tamer (£17). Using the two products combined, you are able to outline and shade your brows, as well as hold them in place. There is no smudgy residue with Shavata brow buys, just excellent shape and definition. I also really like the Arch Enhancer (£14), which highlights under and above your brow for a fabulous shape and effect.

A total brow obsessive, I would probably put eyebrow products very near the top of my desert island beauty essentials list. No matter how much makeup you put on, eyebrows are the ultimate foundation, shaping and framing your face.Lashes are equally valuable, making your eyes pop and brightening up peepers.

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Here are some top tips from Shavata on how to get your brows and lashes looking their best during the upcoming party season:

An expert brow shape gives you an instantly manicured look, adding structure to your face and helping accentuate the eyes. Shavata studios boast some of the UK’s most skilled technicians who can have you looking fresh-faced, youthful and ready to party in under 15 minutes (brow shape, from £17).  Whilst you are in the hot seat, try an Eyebrow Tint (from £13), which immediately helps make the brows appear thicker & fuller and is a great way to gain effortless definition and stand out, without makeup.  A tint should be a couple of shades darker than your natural shade and the effects will last up to 2-3 weeks, so you don’t have to think about adding colour to your brows between appointments or parties. 

It is not just brows that add structure to the face and open eyes, long, full-bodied lashes instantly add a fresh, youthful appearance that compliments beautiful brows.  For those blessed with naturally long lashes, Shavata’s Eyelash Tint (from £19) defines each lash for a longer duration of time, ideal for those who wish to enhance their natural assets!  If you need some assistance creating the perfect flutter, Shavata’s Semi-permanent Lash Extensions last up to 8 weeks and can be applied as a half set (from £60, 1hr) or a full set (from £100, 1hr 30mins), adding length, volume and lift to each lash for a beautiful, ‘naturally perfect’ effect that lasts through to New Year.

Shavata Brow and Lash Services are available at Shavata’s Studios nationwide, including her flagships in Knightsbridge & Chiswick, London, selected Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and M&S stores nationwide.

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