Toy Review: Hot Wheels Track Builder System Stunt Kit


Our half term fun ramped up a gear earlier this week, when Mattel sent us the Hot Wheels Track Builder System Stunt Kit for review. Always keen to keep the kids busy, we were all excited by its arrival.


Hot Wheels 4.JPG

Both kids in on the action, we set about putting the Hot Wheels extravaganza together, which was a fairly simple task of clicking and attaching. The RRP is £36.99 and this toy is suitable for kids aged four and over. My two are four and seven, so it’s an ideal time to explore the whizzing, flipping and stunt action.

Mr T has been into Hot Wheels toys for a while now, but I have to say even I was pretty intrigued by this one. It’s impossible not to want a go, as the car shoots across the track and round the loops. Including a jazzy car, builder’s guide and different track components, once assembled the sturdy toy doesn’t take up a ridiculous amount of room either. With plenty of brightly coloured parts for the kids to enjoy, you can tweak the set and alternate different bits too.

After setting the stunt system up in our living room, we all got involved with the fast-paced car action. The kids then disappeared upstairs to L’s room, taking their new toy with them and giving us a little quiet for a coffee in peace. This fact alone has to make it well worth investigating as a potential Christmas pressie?

Hot Wheels 3.JPG

Hot Wheels 5.JPG

As the Track Builder System Stunt Kit is easy for small hands to work, they can be left to get on and play, which in my book is the mark of a very good toy. I’d definitely recommend this Hot Wheels buy for any upcoming Christmas shopping lists or even to bag yourself a quiet minute before then.

Disclaimer: the Hot Wheels Track Builder System Stunt Kit was gifted to us for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own, or in fact, the very honest opinion of my kids.

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