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Something I truly adore about beauty writing, is the fantastic people you meet and talk to. One of these is my new friend Dafna of Dafna’s Skincare, introduced to me by Fiona at The Beauty Shortlist. As a side note, Fiona has always been a great support and I’m constantly inspired by her work. Dafna specialises in personalised skincare products, tailored to your own beauty needs.

Also a mama of two, Dafna knows a lot about keeping on top of tired skin and providing perfect TLC. Both living and working in Madrid, she is an advocate of natural products and is a naturopath and aromatherapist. A really lovely lady too, we’ve been chatting for a couple of weeks now and I’m so intrigued by her fantastic business and wellbeing ethos.

Dafna asked which product I’d like to try and I chose the Eye Care. With very dehydrated skin at the moment, Dafna personalised this with hemp oil and extra omega 3 and 6 to try and improve things. The Eye Care (55 Euros for 20mls) is soothing and revitalising and I’ve found my skin has appeared plumped and replenished. Ingredients include; rosehip oil, calendula and hydrolysed soy protein. Thank goodness for Dafna is all I can say, as my tired eyes are finally looking better.

 There are 16 active ingredients within the Eye Care and they are a magic blend which have brightened and refreshed my eye area. I’ve spoken to Dafna, who’s shared her top tips for your own winter skincare needs. Plus, she sent over these exclusive photos of her beautiful children.

A mama beauty guru and supportive presence? Dafna is all of the above. Over to Dafna, with her expert winter skincare advice…

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Here are a few tips on how to take care of your skin in winter, especially when you are in Mummy-mode… and do not have enough time, are tired, and probably your skin is not as you wished it to be… I know that feeling, I have 2 very young kids at home.

So here is what I do:

  • Though it is relaxing and warning, do not shower or bath in hot water or for too long. Hot showers and baths can cause dehydration,  remove the natural oils of the skin and leave skin pores open. This causes your skin to be more prone to itching, to allergies and skin reactions and to absorb dirt after the shower. What you should do is to lower the temperature. After a shower make sure you clean your face, apply facial toner and put on moisturizer.
  •  If you don’t have time, just make sure you hydrate the skin and apply eye cream. Why? Dried skin causes early ageing and fine lines to appear. The eye zone is even more vulnerable, so use eye cream. I can recommend our Eye Care, which has several key advantages for busy women… besides deep hydration, it help skin circulation (which means reducing dark circles) and has a light texture, which means that you can apply it at night and in the morning as well, just before you put make up on (it absorbs fast, so almost no need to wait ..)
  •  Think of moisturiser as watering your skin. You should hydrate your skin a few times a day. Especially when you are in the office, next to heating etc. If you think of moisturiser as water, you will apply it! Make sure you apply cream that contains hyaluronic acid, which means it hydrates the skin within the deepest levels (of course our moisturisers have a high percentage of hyaluronic acid). Also, make sure that the creams absorbs fast- this will help you want to apply them again and have a much better hydration regime. Another good way to hydrate is by having a humidifier at home and using it through the day.
  • Eat fish and green vegetables as you will enhance the intake of Omega 3 and 6 and detox your body. This will help maintain the skin with the essential oils it needs, and fight skin oxidation.
  • Use natural skincare. In winter, more than anytime, it is important that you give your skin the best- as skin tends to be more sensitive, lots of skincare products can cause reactions. Use skincare that is healthy for you; not only will your skin require less maintenance, this will help you give your skin what it needs and you will feel better.

Check out Dafna’s Skincare over at dafnaskincare.com and you can also purchase products at contentbeautywellbeing.com.

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