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As a parent, I feel really strongly about making learning fun. This is partly because kids have enough pressure on them, but also as I know positive interaction helps information actually go into their brains. Step forward Maths Rockx, an app which encourages kids to get involved with and wait for it, enjoy times tables.

I was approached by the business behind the app and asked to try Maths Rockx with my kids. We downloaded the app to our iPad last week and I introduced L and T to it over the weekend. You’re immediately drawn towards the bright colours on the screen and the best bit is, every times table has its own catchy well-known song.


So far, we’ve found the app extremely simple to use and L has been getting stuck in. I have to admit, T is a little young at the moment, however, it’s never too early to present learning as an exciting activity. He was keen to dance along to the tracks, which include a good bit of One Direction and Lady Gaga.

The premise behind this app is that children learn through music, something which immediately impressed me. I also think the visual learning aspect of the app is important, with maths being a huge struggle during my own school days. Combining rhythm and repetition, it is thought that children are able to memorise their times tables. From witnessing my two with Maths Rockx, I can tell you the app is lively, happy and stimulating for kids.

As much as I try and teach L the value behind her times tables, there’s going to be no competition between myself and a singing app. The tunes and bold graphics even got me moving along.

I’m going to bring you more information about Maths Rockx next month, after we’ve spent further time using the app. Keep an eye out and we will report back with our progress update in December!

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Disclaimer: This sponsored blog post was created in collaboration with Maths Rockx. All thoughts are my own.

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