Mini-U Pro Styler Brush & Kids’ Bath Bombs

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Ideal for mamas and mini alike, I’ve recently added the Mini-U Pro Styler brush to de-tangling proceedings. A gentle brush with super soft bristles, its pad is air cushioned for a swift glide through knotted hair. Plus, the rubber handle adds easy grip while you grapple with playing hairdresser. Please tell me I’m not alone in struggling to perfect much else other than a ponytail?

When I was little, my mum used to call any tricky, tangly hair “cotters”. I’ve not actually heard this anywhere else, yet I will always think of difficult locks as such. My hair is particularly “cottery” after washing, and I’ve used wet brushes before, but without the same smoothing success of this one.

Priced at £9.95, the Pro Styler is available in four snazzy shades. To be honest, anything that makes life easier post-bath and in the midst of tantrum-prone tiredness (I’m talking about both myself and the kids), gets a massive thumbs up. You can use the brush on wet and dry hair, each time avoiding that pulling which brushes can cause through tattered tresses. There is a travel-sized brush coming soon too.

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On the subject of bath time, Mini-U also sell cute little bath bombs, including their Bang Fizzy Whizz collection of six (£7.99). An award-winning buy, each variation within the set has a different scent. Turning the water that particular shade too, kids will have loads of fun. And, you don’t need to worry about them staining skin or the bathroom either. As a mum, I know the last thing we need is more work and a massive clear up mission.

Slightly different, their Bang Fizzy Pow bath bombs (£1.95) contain toys. Little ones can watch the fizzing bomb until it bangs, revealing a secret surprise toy. Depending on what your child likes, there are a few options, such as; Super Heroes, Mini Monsters and Little Monkeys. These would be an amazing stocking filler or little treat. I’ve already got some put to one side for Santa’s visit.

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