Winter Holiday Planning

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On a cold, dreary day like today I find myself reminiscing and looking back to our blissful summer holiday. This year we went to a gorgeous coastal cottage not far from us in Northumberland and enjoyed a beautiful family staycation. Driving past the sign for our little holiday destination earlier in the week brought a definite smile to my face.

Those wonderful family holidays can add extra warmth to grey times and I do really like looking back on said special events. Our Northumberland holiday had everything we needed; days out and family time, plus copious amounts of food and drink. I’d honestly recommend a break such as this, so much. Switching my phone off for the entire week, I arrived home replenished and raring to go- the sign of a seriously good holiday.

All of that aside, the chiller this weather becomes, the more I think about planning a hot family-friendly holiday abroad next summer. Last time we travelled overseas, L was a baby and T a small bean in my tum. I can remember so clearly that despite packing a truckload of toys for entertainment purposes, the only thing L wanted to play with was a seat belt. Admittedly, the plane journey only lasted an hour or so, but still, the sitting still juggle remains a struggle, whatever the distance.

Safe to say, I’ll be spending any spare hours between now and next year’s hopefully-abroad-holiday planning some travel tactics. Keeping the kids stocked up with snacks has to be top of the list. Just to put it out there in case my other half is reading, a villa would be ideal complete with privacy and a pool, such as those available from Tots to Travel. Booking early could be both the key to getting a decent deal and, adding an incentive to sludge through the sleet.

Until then, I’m dreaming of warmer weather and swimming outside, whilst trying to distract myself from the rain lashing against the windows. Currently I’m wearing a dressing gown over my clothes, and this is an outfit which consists of two polo necks and a cardigan. The heating may also be on full blast…

Back to summer holiday daydreaming I go, who’s coming with me?

*Link in collaboration with Tots to Travel. 

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