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We never hang Christmas decorations before December 1st in our house, but the excitement and seasonal buys begin well before then. This is mainly because I’m a big believer in spreading out the cost of Christmas by planning in advance. Launched online last week and within stores this Thursday, 17th November, Aldi’s Christmas lights and decorations are perfect for some serious pre-festive cheer.

The huge Aldi Christmas collection includes; a Christmas Candle Arch (£9.99), Berry Lights (£9.99), Light Up Christmas Characters (£7.99), Holly Effect Topiary Ball (£7.99) and Decorative Garland Lights (£3.99). I don’t know about you, but I’d string a ton of fairy lights right throughout the house if I could get away with it- that extra twinkle just adds happiness.

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Aldi sent us some of their Specialbuys Christmas Lights & Decorations, such as the gorgeous white wood Christmas Village Scene (£9.99), an LED Christmas Canvas (£3.99) depicting a deer in the snow, Decorative Garland Lights (£3.99) with a cookie cutter theme and a Set of 3 Parcels (£14.99). We’ll also be taking the 6ft Christmas Inflatable in the form of a decorated tree to my parents’ house on the day itself.

For the outdoor products within this range, you can pick up Remoted Controlled Sockets (£17.99) and and Outdoor Socket with Dawn Sensor (£12.99). Ideal if you’re one of those households who like to deck out your lawn with an amazing Christmas display, so that the rest of us can drive past and coo.

I’m continually impressed with the quality of Aldi Specialbuys products, and their Christmas decoration collection is no exception. You will find the perfect balance between classic, simple buys and bright glitzy goodies.

I now need to find a place to stash these beaut Christmas bits and bobs before I go festive mad far too early…

The lovely team at Aldi gifted us with some lovely Christmas decs for the purpose of this post. All embarrassing Christmas dancing is entirely my own doing though.

See more from Aldi Specialbuys and check out the range in store too.

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