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The temperature has dropped and then unpredictably risen again, as I’m sure it will do for the next few months, and as a result my skin has taken an absolute battering. Furthermore, the recent onslaught of both wind and rain means skin which is in serious need of some extra TLC.

I’ve learnt the brands to turn to in times of extra beauty care moments and Bliss target dehydrated skin really well, using expert insight to replenish and refresh. As well as bearing in mind throughout the colder months, goodies such as these could also be worth popping on your Santa list. If you’re thinking of investing in some new skincare, I’d suggest starting with excellent quality essentials.

Skincare staples begin with a strong moisturiser, such as Bliss Triple Oxygen Energizing Vitamin C Day Cream (£46). The cream revitalises tired skin, boosting it with Bliss’ signature Triple Oxygen formula. It is an anti-ageing moisturiser that smoothes skin and eradicates the appearance of fine lines. Pores are protected from the harsh effects of the environment and after application, skin simply glows.

When I was younger, I refused to pay much money for moisturiser, preferring to empty my pay packet via posh eyeshadows. However, I have learnt that decent skincare is the basis for all beauty looks and no amount of pricey mascara is worth suffering sore or dehydrated skin. Plus, if you find the moisturiser which works best for your skin, the rest of your makeup will look miles better.

More importantly, taking the time to apply moisturiser is a soothing thing to do. It has become a peaceful ritual for me- admittedly, a very rushed one, but a calming moment even so. Surely there’s nothing nicer than slapping on some luxurious cream, taking a deep breath and either facing the day or sinking into your pillow to sleep?

Post in collaboration with Bliss Skincare.

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