Beauty How-To: Party Eyes by NKDb


The buildup to Christmas marks party season countdown, with beauty look ideas topping that excitement. A little bit of seasonal sparkle can go a long way towards escaping cold and dreary winter weather.

Also, I know it’s only November, but I *may* have driven the kids to school this morning playing a bit of Mariah All I Want For Christmas, rather loudly. Admittedly, Mr T’s response was “once is enough, Mum”.

NKDb are a gorgeous new makeup brand from 4th Base Cosmetics, with must-have products including their 5 Well Eyeshadow Palette (£20.50) and 3 Well Brows Palette in Hi-Brow (£20.50). The range is definitely worth exploring.

Lisa Dodds, founder of NKDb, is on hand for that all important festive beauty planning, talking us through her top party eyes tips:

  • Using the NKDb Pencil Kohl Liner, draw a line along the lash line (it doesn’t have to be perfect).
  • Then, using the NKDb Small Fluff Brush, blend the kohl up to the socket, keeping it to the lid. This will create a base for the eyeshadow.
  • Take your base colour- NKDb Triple Milled Shadow in Mink is a good choice for a great party look- and press the colour onto the entirety of the lid using a Chisel Dome Brush.


  • Use the Small Fluff Blush and blend the eyeshadow over the kohl. Starting from the outer eye, blend inwards, moving the brush in a circular motion along the socket. This ensures the eyeshadow is neat and doesn’t spread. Once blended, get more product on your brush and repeat this process. Top tip: tap the brush on the back of your hand to remove access before applying to the eye and this will stop it looking too heavy.
  • Take a darker shadow, like the NKDb Triple Milled Shadow in Carbon, and press this colour on the outer corner of the socket, and then use the same circular motion to blend in to the other eyeshadow.
  • Finally line the inner rim of the eye with the Black Kohl Pencil Liner. Apply the product to both the bottom water-line and the top.

NKDB 4.jpg

  • Blend the liner in using the Fluff Brush along the lash line. This avoids the pencil looking too harsh. Add the darker eyeshadow on top to set, also blending along the lash line.
  • Next, take the NKDb Liquid Liner Define to enhance the lash line. Ensure this is neat and finish with a flick on the outer corner.

NKDB 2.jpg

  • Finally, to complete the look, apply the NKDb Intense Volume and Curling Mascara. This mascara gives you 50% more curl, lasts for 12 hours. Apply a few coats to create more length to the lashes.

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