A Festive Family City Break


My gorgeous sister got engaged this year, so we’re taking the chance to grab a festive weekend away in celebration. Growing up as one of three, our tight-knit team of five will always be very important to me- even with our own families on the scene now. In December, my parents, brother, sister and I are off to Edinburgh, making the most of some special Christmas fun together.

Throughout our childhood, Edinburgh felt like a second home, as our grandparents lived there. I still remember that thrill of us all bundling into the car after school on a Friday night, and walking to the local newsagent with my grandpa for a comic and sweets come Sunday morning. My brother also went to Uni in the Scottish city and I was christened in Edinburgh too. I maybe shouldn’t mention the absolutely massive bills I racked up by calling my beloved bro on his mobile from the house phone every day, when he first became a student. Sorry, Mum and Dad!

Going back to our roots is sure to feel a special weekend, even more so with us having the rare opportunity to spend time minus partners and minis. As an adult and becoming absorbed in the routine of life,  it’s easy to forget simpler times, which for me is those precious family holidays as a child.

Being a bit of a country mouse, I love city breaks anyway, and one of my favourites so far was a night in London with the Mr. Sites like discount-london are brilliant for city break ideas at this time of year, and I’m all for bagging a deal. On our London trip, we enjoyed a fabulous review stay at The Goring. It was a real pinch yourself weekend, but this one will be an extra special treat for different reasons. Roll on December.

Disclaimer: post in collaboration with Discount London. (Please don’t forward me that old phone bill, Ma and Pa.)

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