Noa & Nani Cabin Bed Review

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Mr T’s bedroom is the smallest in the house and I’ve been thinking of switching things around for a while. The perfect solution seemed to be a cabin bed, so we began investigating. I recently came across family furniture company Noa & Nani, who sent us their fantastic Thor Midsleeper Cabin Bed with White Frame (priced at £159).

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We bought a single hypoallergenic mattress to go with the bed, also from Noa & Nani and costing £79. This midsleeper needs one which is sized 190 x 90cm, if you are looking to do the same. My other half put the rugby on his iPad and built the bed yesterday, while I entertained the kids. Simple to assemble following the instructions provided, it seemed a relatively stress-less mission. Then, we did a big reveal for T, prompting much excitement. He literally wanted to go to bed that very second (it was 5pm)… bonus.

The bed’s dimensions are as follows: height- 114cm, width- 101cm, length- 202cm and clearance to the underside of the bed- 74cm. It is a solid pine frame that you can buy in both white and natural shades. A classic piece of furniture, I really like the fact this bed blends in well with his bedroom and doesn’t feature a design he is likely to grow out of.

His formerly crammed bedroom now has so much more floorspace; something which I didn’t think was possible in such a tiny area. The cabin bed has a lot of space underneath, clearing the way for decent playing room. T tested this out today, with two little pals who came over to have some fun.

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A robust bed-frame, the structure doesn’t feel too far from the carpet in case of any accidental falls. Plus, the ladder makes for an exciting access point and extra bedroom adventures. T’s room is now suitable for kids to play in, as opposed to the tight squeeze it was before. The bed has completely transformed his bedroom, into a fresh and interesting area for both the kids to enjoy with their friends too.

Once ordered, our furniture and mattress arrived the next day, and felt a seamless process. With a big thumbs up from us, if you’re considering a space-saving cabin bed, I’d thoroughly recommend checking out the wide selection Noa & Nani stock. Covering accessories, adult furniture, and more, this clever company have stylish family living firmly in mind.

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The Noa & Nani bed featured was gifted to us for the purpose of this review.

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