Green People Quinoa & Calendula Hand / Body Lotion


Green People have added their brand new hand and body lotion to the popular gluten-free Quinoa range. Quinoa & Calendula Hand & Body Lotion is a soothing multitasking winter must-have, which tones, moisturises and smoothes skin.

Priced at £17.95 for 200ml, a little bit of this lotion goes a very long way. Key ingredients include; Vitamin A-rich shea butter, perilla seed oil packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, lemongrass, ginger and sweet orange. This indulgent combination has a lovely fragrance as well as a plumping effect. Skin feels nourished and replenished after use, with the lotion formula both luxurious and invigorating.

Green People are known for being sensitive skin experts, so their product design always incorporates natural and organic components. The brand focuses on family-friendly skincare and this notion is something that always holds a lot of appeal. Completely cruelty-free to boot, their active ingredients are the best products you can apply to your own and your children’s skin.

I often pinch a bit of the kids’ Organic Children goodies, especially if a cosy bubble bath beckons.  Even if I haven’t run out of my own lotions and potions, the little Green People buys are as equally tempting as their adult line. The brand seem to know the sweetest infusions to add into bath time. I’m looking at you, Berry Smoothie.

The calendula within this new lotion is full of moisturising benefits, and it calms irritated or inflamed skin. Ideal for the entire body, particularly if you are prone to sore or dry patches of skin, I’ve been slathering the cream onto my chapped winter hands. Futhermore, calendula works hard to support the skin’s natural collagen production, hence that plumping effect.

I’ll be turning to a little Green People family TLC throughout the cold winter months, and would suggest you do the same too.

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