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Offering glitz, glamour and festive sparkle, Madame LA LA recently introduced their brand new Bronzing Ball (£14). A multitasking product which can be used on cheeks, lips and eyes, the end result is a natural glow just in time for party season.

I’ve followed Madame LA LA since their launch a few years ago, and love the Light Tan mousse in particular. Products are infused with natural ingredients to nourish, such as vitamin E and coco water; both hydrating the skin.

The brand is on a mission to add sunshine and sass, via products which deliver on the promises they make. If you’re scared of fake tan (that’s me), you can’t go wrong with Light Tan- it doesn’t streak and won’t terrify you when you wake up. Or, you may be a fake tan pro and in which case, you’ll be a bit more confident and still love the LA LA effect.

You may have gathered by now, I’m a beauty product fiend. So I was naturally pretty intrigued when I heard about the roller-ball element of this product. The 180° dome applicator glides across your face, leaving a gorgeous glow. I’m sure you’re with me on the need for a sun-kissed shimmer when the weather is so cold outside, and this nifty number adds that with ease and style.

I don’t tend to contour much, however, the domed ball is the perfect tool for shaping your face. It is literally foolproof as you can apply to those areas the light hits, with no residue or need to eliminate scary lines.

My favourite use for the Bronzing Ball is as a highlighter, adding a pop of shimmer and shine to my cheekbones. I’ll be shimmying into party season, armed with this bronzing baby in my makeup bag.


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