Maths Rockx App: Review Update


A few weeks ago, we began working with Maths Rockx, reviewing their fantastic times tables app. And believe me, I never thought I’d mention those few words in the same sentence. The idea behind Maths Rockx is one of making learning enjoyable, which this clever rhythmic app does in abundance.


Over a month on from my initial blog, we have now set up our own playlists on the app and are officially regular Maths Rockx users. During L’s parent’s evening her teacher mentioned a strong focus on times tables; and at 7, this is the perfect time for her to begin using this handy app. Repetition is key, hence the importance of hooking their interest with music. 

I do think that there’s a lot of pressure on kids to tackle all kinds of learning from a young age, so facing homework from an exciting angle is definitely the way to go. Maths Rockx is very simple to set up and get the kids going with, making the process far easier for parents. L is able to play on the app herself, with little help. Equally, I quite like cranking up the tunes too.


Maths Rockx is going to be a firm favourite in our house from now on, with us blasting those songs out. The brightly coloured screen grabs attention and it’s impossible to resist doing a little times table dance. Seriously….

As someone who was massively daunted by maths at school, I absolutely love the idea of a musical times tables app. The last thing I want to do is pass down my fear of this subject to the kids, so I’m embracing our entertaining app and offering light-hearted learning fun to L.

If your child is struggling with maths or you’re simply looking for an excellent new learning tool, I’d wholeheartedly recommend trying out Maths Rockx. Turn up the music, get dancing along and their times tables will become much simpler to learn.


This blog post was created in collaboration with Maths Rockx. All thoughts (and children) featured are our own.

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