Review: The Original Muck Boot Company Launch Hasbro Collection Hale Kids’ Boots

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Brand new to The Original Muck Boot Company is their collaboration with Hasbro, focusing on My Little Pony and Transformers Hale boot designs. Having a mini fan of both in our house, the kids were excited to receive a pair each.

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Priced at £55 per pair, Mr T was given Bumblebee boots and L chose Twilight Sparkle. Ideal for stomping in woodland and jumping over muddy rocks, the minis had a great time wearing them during our latest weekend adventures. T’s verdict  was to proclaim he loves the boots and tell me all about Bumblebee, who I’ll admit I had previously not actually been aware of. Bad mama…

Suitable for most seasons, I can see the boots coming in handy for cold weather and beach trips alike. Complete with a self-cleaning ribbed outer sole, dirt doesn’t get stuck into the grooves of these boots like it can on some wellies. The stretchy material enables little ones to pull on their boots with ease and they also have a breathable mesh lining.

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The Hasbro Collection designs are colourful, bold and eye-catching. In other words, extremely fun for kids. Other picks within the range include; Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Optimus Prime and Grimlock.

Durable, fresh and bright, these boots are already a big hit with my two. They are going to be essential weekend footwear from now on, particularly when we take them for a bit of exploring. There’s no calf gaping, allowing less puddle splash-back, and giving the kids even more chance to enjoy themselves.

Sturdy boots which protect their feet from the chilly elements, while warming us all up via bright patterns? The Hasbro Collection gets a solid thumbs up from these two happy outdoor explorers.

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The Muck Boots featured were gifted to us for the purpose of this review.

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