Ronseal Christmas Decoration Upcycling Project

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When Ronseal approached me to take part in a Christmas upcycling project, I jumped at the prospect of chalk painting something. A task I’ve always thought sounded appealing, upcycling an item you already have clearly makes home decorating much easier.

The brief was to upcycle a household object, turning it into a Christmas decoration. I could then choose between certain Ronseal products including said chalk paint, which I obviously plumped for. Our living room features a lot of grey, so Ronseal Chalky Furniture Paint in Dove Grey (RRP £14.99) instantly caught my eye.

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An amazing product, there is no need for a primer or top coat, saving a ton of time. Plus, the paint is available in other colours like Pebble, Country Cream, English Rose and Midnight Blue. It’s also touch-dry in half an hour, meaning creating a decoration such as this needn’t cause a load of unwanted stress. Which no-one needs at Christmas…

I watched a Christmas film and revitalised our tired old sledge, slapping paint on and singing festive movie tunes. It was really good fun and I’m so happy with the end result. I added in some cookie cutter fairy lights and, voila!

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For a smaller DIY Christmas dec, you could make a star out of chalk painted lolly sticks, or paint and glitter up some pine cones. With the Christmas holidays approaching, a little upcycling is sure to entertain the kids for a while too.

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One big bonus is, a small amount of this 750ml paint tin goes a really long way. Even after two coats, I’ve still got lots of this Dove Grey deliciousness left. I’m moving onto a revamp of our tired old dining room table next. This is my first time chalk painting and it’s a tad addictive, isn’t it? Just a warning: anything/anyone sitting still long enough is now at risk of being slathered with the stuff.

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Disclaimer: This post was created in collaboration with Ronseal.

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