New Year, New Hair: Color Wow Root Cover Up

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Happy New Year! I’m a firm believer in a new year, same me mantra. That said, beauty resolutions are my kind of new year notes. A fantastic find for 2016 had to be Color Wow Root Cover Up. As someone whose roots seem to appear about ten minutes after getting my hair done, this beauty buy has been a total game-changer and one I would suggest trying in 2017 if you haven’t already.

Nicola Clarke, Creative Colour Director at Color Wow, says: “This is my ultimate shoot go-to product, when time is of the essence and colouring the hair isn’t an option. Not only does it do the most perfect job of covering greys, but it is seamless at hiding dark roots and is so quick and simple I’m always having them taken from my kit bag – no one wants to leave set without one!”

 Basically, Color Wow Root Cover Up is a hair compact, comprising a powder palette and mirror for painting over roots. This then blends into your hairline with utter ease and as there are so many shades to choose from, it is versatile too. Priced at £28.50, the compact may be a little more expensive than some other cover ups, but, this is by far the best one I have tried. Well worth the spend, I promise it will dramatically change those depressing days in between salon visits when your roots and ends don’t match up. I now don’t even notice that dodgy gap. A complete revolution, there’s no crunchy or stiff residue either.

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Over to the Color Wow experts, with insight from Gail Federici who is the CEO for Federici Brands / Color Wow and can explain this innovative haircare product further…

How does it work to cover roots and greys? Grey hair can be course, are the Cover Up kits drying on the hair?
The Root Cover Up is a professional powder compound that is formulated with a special complex that anchors the pigments to the hair.  That’s the ground-breaking part of it – it doesn’t blow off.  The powder adheres to hair without feeling stiff, waxy, sticky, oily or unnatural.  It’s not at all drying on coarse hair, in fact, because it’s formulated with a variety of pigments and reflective properties, when it is applied to roots, it blends easily with your hair colour and creates a natural looking shine and dimension.

What application technique should be used to apply it?
The application is quick and easy.  The Root Cover Up comes with a dual-tipped brush.  The smaller side is perfect for refreshing highlights, but I also like it for covering greys.  Simply part your hair and using a clip or your hand to pull your hair away from the scalp, simply apply a small amount of powder all along the root line.  It’s important to start with a small amount and add more if necessary, because powder sticks to hair, but powder won’t stick to powder.  Apply until grey is gone, or until highlights look freshly done!

How is it different from other root touch-up kits on the market?
Both the formula and the performance of the Root Cover Up are completely different from anything else on the market.  Our formula contains no dyes, bleaches, peroxide, ammonia or waxes.  There is no waxy buildup or scalp staining.   It’s fast and there is no mess.  Ours is the only formula that can actually cover dark regrowth in lightened/highlighted hair without peroxide.  Sprays are messy, the product gets on the scalp, and because they contain dyes, they stain the skin.  Wax products do not spread easily and leave a waxy residue on roots.  Liquid colorants typically contain oxidative hair dyes or temporary dyes that wet hair, stain the scalp and can leave hair feeling dirty, coated or stiff.   Markers create a solid colour which is unnatural.  The Root Cover Up looks and feels exactly like the rest of your hair.

How long does the color last, the box says it lasts ‘from shampoo to shampoo’  What does this mean and how is it ‘water resistant?’
The Root Cover Up will stay in the hair from shampoo to shampoo – and what that means is that you need to actually cleanse the hair to remove it from the  hair.  You can get caught in the rain, go to the gym, even go swimming, and it will stay in place.

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