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I’ve been a little quieter on here of late, mainly due to an op I had last week. So bear with me as my brain is feeling a little woolly, and I’m hoping these foggy blog ramblings still make sense.

After a week recovering, a cosy weekend was just what the doctor ordered. We took the kids to see Moana on Saturday at Alnwick Playhouse; a beautiful building in Northumberland which hosts films, plays and many creative events. Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be bringing you more information about my love of this local entertainment destination soon, with a little spring preview too.

The film was therapeutic for a lot of reasons. Clearly the kids sitting still and giving us a minute’s peace is always a big bonus. But also the sunny setting and tropical blue water which featured throughout took me away to warmer climes, and allowed a little escapism from those January blues.

Today is in fact being referred to as ‘Blue Monday’ and I have been getting press releases left, right and centre addressing the best ways to remedy this. Always one to go against the grain, I’m going to list my own. So here’s what’s making me happy today:

  • A redecorated bedroom: we sent the kids to Mum and Dad’s last weekend and added a brand new lick of paint to our walls and chalk-painted bedside tables and wardrobes. It was so much fun, and dare I say, as enjoyable as any posh weekend away. We had music blasting, takeaway for tea and I wore the same outfit two days running. Excellent. Plus, I now get to enjoy a little sanctuary and slice of calm away from the kids’ chaos.
  • Instagram friends: I’ve been so overwhelmed recently by the positive messages and connections on here. It is a real community outlet, with users rallying together and offering support. Which leads me onto my next happy point…
  • A lovely Insta pal, Charlotte, has recently set up a beautiful site called Letters To Loved. Covering sentiment, thought and powerful ideas aplenty, there are letters of all categories, from parents to their children. I’m currently planning my own letter, and really can’t wait to contribute. In the meantime, do devour the blog as I have done, it is simply stunning.
  • Finally, I found a gorgeous Blue Monday themed knit in Sainsbury’s for ¬£16. Who doesn’t need a bargain colourful winter number? Paired with a slick of lipstick, I’m staying as far away from grey and dreary January grimness as possible.

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What’s making you happy at the moment?

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