A Me Time Pledge


Last week the kids brought home from school a questionnaire about homework. Said sheet covers estimated minutes they’re spending on maths/ spellings/ reading etc and whether we think that’s too much or too little. I haven’t filled the form in yet (oops) but it did get me thinking. What if you were sent a piece of paper to document how much time you’re spending on yourself? I bet this would nearly always result in recording a verdict of investing far too little time and energy into just being you.

So humour me here and either mentally or physically make note, because I’m convinced you need to up those me time hours. Cards on the table… although this was inspired by the letter mentioned, you can’t even call me the headteacher of the me time school, because I never practice what I preach. My resources run low and I feel less resilient, leaving me to wonder why I’m struggling. Then there’s a light-bulb moment and I twig, that actually I spend a lot of my life worrying about everyone else and maybe I need to give me a shot.

Whether you love a little self-indulgence or shy away completely, I reckon there’s always space for improvement. Once today’s work and jobs are done, I’m going to take a bubble bath, slather on my new fave Neom hand cream and breathe. I promise not to look at my phone for a solid hour and will remove myself completely from all but my own thoughts.

How often do you feel like a pressure cooker boiling over? Life is so frantically busy, yet we somehow become bottom of the pile. This isn’t the first or last blog I’ll write about focussing on yourself, yet I hope you’ll hear me loud and clear as I want to hand the baton over to you.

What’s your ‘me time’ pledge? Whether your personal promise consumes five minutes or five hours, do it this week! Or else…

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