The Celebrity Quote Challenge

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One of my favourite celebrity quotes is by beauty guru Bobbi Brown, who says: “I believe all women are pretty without makeup- but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful”.

This thought basically highlights my mantra of beauty products doubling up as body armour and the positivity associated with investing in making yourself feel good. I almost feel like adding an amen at the end. 

What’s your top celebrity quote? Do you have a fave famous person or line they are linked with? Whether funny, empowering or completely random, celeb sayings do tend to stand out. And not always for the right reasons…

Testing our celeb knowledge is Clothes2order, a company which offers personal print and embroidery services. The brand has put together a quiz covering a top 10 of celebrity comedy quotes, adding a bit of laughter to your day.

Clothes2order clothing is tailored to your own occasions, so anything from new baby buys to party weekends and other celebrations. T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and jackets can all be emblazoned with personalised print.

So here’s a little bit of fun for a chilly January day. Should you be a celeb fan or not, most of us are intrigued by reality stars and those making a splash across the media.

Check out the Clothes2order How Celebri-Tee Savvy Are You quiz and see how you get on. Are you surprised by how many you can or can’t answer?

Or, watch the video and witness the general public get swept along in the hilarity. It covers ridiculous quotes and funny lyrics, plus some confused shoppers trying to work out the answers. Be prepared for a fair few “uhhhhhm” moments and see if you can beat them.

Disclaimer: this blog was created in collaboration with Clothes2order. Thank you for supporting MUMMYMODE collaborative posts.

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