Precis Petite SS17: Della Shimmer Dress


As someone who currently feels like a permanent piece of human knitwear, I jumped for joy when offered the chance to dress up in some new season Precis Petite.

I have a very special occasion in mind once spring arrives, as my sister is getting married this May. They are opting for a weekend-long celebration with yours truly as maid of honour. Can you hear my excited squeals?

The wedding celebrations are going to be a gorgeous laid back affair, with everyone staying in a stunning house from Friday night, before the big day on Saturday and brunch on Sunday. I simply cannot wait!



I’ve chosen this gorgeous dress by Precis Petite as my bridal party number. The Petite Della Shimmer Dress (£139) is a silver toned beauty with exquisite lace detail. The shimmery shades within the dress catch the light and look gorgeous alongside any number of different coloured accessories. I haven’t quite decided on footwear (any excuse for shoe shopping), but metallics do come to mind.

I love the elegant fit and ribbon waist feature, both contributing to create a classic and timeless dress. Also comfy enough for dancing, drinking prosecco and eating aplenty, I think this is most definitely a maid of honour winner.

Precis 3.JPG


I stole the pictured Topshop sequinned jacket from my sister a few years ago and she hasn’t had it back yet…so I’m hoping I may get away with pinching the glittery garment a little longer to go with my outfit. Why should it only be the bride wearing something borrowed?!

I am returning the favour by offering Sal the earrings I wore on my wedding day, and I will be bursting with love and pride when she walks down that aisle.

Precis 7.JPG

A big thank you to Precis Petite for gifting me this beautiful dress. For size guidance, I’m 5ft 7 and wearing a size 8 here.

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