Clinging onto Spring

Clinging Onto Spring.jpg

Well hello there February. I prefer you to January, as you are one step closer to spring.

However, not being rude, but you’ll never be the same as March and I’m still not a fan of winter months which don’t offer the promise of getting cosy at Christmastime. So this week, I’m clinging onto the idea of spring, with a few little tricks up my sleeve.

They are:

  • Buying a load of blooms. I spent ¬£4 at Lidl on two bunches of white roses and they have brightened up my week no end. There’s zero need to spend a ton of cash on flowers, and I always find Lidl or Aldi bunches last at least a week, and more often, longer.
  • Slicking on bright lipstick, for no other reason than to see some red or pink when I look in the mirror, as opposed to the dark grey knits I’m obsessed with.
  • Dressing up a little bit more. Who else is sick of their winter wardrobe at this point? I always feel the same during January and February and could happily bin my entire wardrobe. But, instead, I’m going to add a little extra to each day. Stop saving everything for best (stern mental note to myself as well as a suggestion for you) and embrace the luxury of everyday treats.
  • Still painting those toenails even if they’re hidden under layers of socks. Yes, I like to wear two pairs at once. Seeing freshly painted toes when I take off the layers never fails to make me smile and look towards summer. I guess it’s the beauty equivalent of knowing you’re wearing nice undies.
  • Embracing warmth and sleep. Stocking up on relaxing pillow spray, bubble bath, herbal tea and ridiculously thick bed-socks surely makes getting into bed at 8pm just a little less sad. I hope?!

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