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Ever stuck as to which way to turn when hiring trade professionals or searching for a local fitness class? Step forward Bidvine, a website set up specifically addressing all of the above and more.

A UK-based local services tech start-up, Bidvine are here to connect you with the service provider you’re looking for. Completely straightforward, the site is split into three process parts: request, review and hire. Within this you can ask for the service you need, review other feedback and once your decision is made, hire said provider. You can also install the new Bidvine app to hire a pro on the go.

As somewhat of a tech-phobe, I really like how simple this site is. Covering the entire UK, regions span from Aberdeenshire to Suffolk. Getting started, enter the service you require at the top, plus your postcode.

I searched yoga lessons in Northumberland. After this, I was presented with a few questions to fully understand my own needs. These included: age of person being trained, type of yoga wanted (for which I entered not sure as I wanted to explore all options), experience level, goals, how often and how long I’d like the sessions to be, what day and time is best and a few other queries. I’m impressed by how thorough the request part is, as the site clearly wants to full identify the user’s requirements.

At the end of this portion, you are then asked to sign up for more details. The whole thing took about three minutes, with results answering each of my queries.

Bidvine encompasses all kinds of services, from domestic cleaning to music lessons, plumbers and even arranging photography services. Let’s face it, we’re all busy and anything which removes the need to scroll through pages of electricians online has to be a great thing.

A time efficient and insightful website, I’d recommend checking Bidvine out. This destination enables feedback, quotes and insight, supporting your service hire and giving you provider peace of mind.


Disclaimer: sponsored post.

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