A Love Letter to Lipstick

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In honour of Valentine’s Day, I’m dedicating this blog post to my one true beauty love: lipstick.

Despite shying away from lippy when I was younger, mainly for fear of making a mess, I have now embraced it as a go-to beauty pick-me-up. Disastrous hair day? Exhausted? Not feeling your outfit? Lipstick solves all of the above and more, in one fell swoop/slick.

I’ve learnt that the secret is finding lip products which work best for your pout and are long-lasting to boot. Top of this list is Clarins Joli Rouge (£20), a rich, luxurious lippy which comes in an array of completely gorgeous colours. My absolute favourite shades include: Soft Berry, Rose Berry, Bubblegum Pink and Soft Plum. The nourishing and hydrating lipstick adds moisture, and doesn’t leave that dreaded flaky residue that some lipsticks can. It literally glides onto lips, adding beautiful colour.

Long-wearing, the creamy lipstick enhances lips leaving a satin finish. I never go anywhere without a Clarins lippy in my bag, and they have become true beauty staples. If you haven’t already, I urge you to put one (or several) Joli Rouge lipsticks on your beauty shopping list.


Last year, Estee Lauder launched their brand new Pure Color Envy Vinyl LipColor (£20). A lip stain, lipstick and gloss all-in-one, the staying-put power is seriously astonishing. Shades I’ve tried so far are True Liar, Fragile Ego and Controversial.

The colour is creamy and adds moisture, meaning you are met with a luxe high colour lip. Plus, the applicator has been designed as an ideal shape for supreme lip definition. Wearing Pure Color Envy Vinyl LipColor, you will be able to eat and drink the day or night away, still emerging with gorgeous lips.

More recently, I’ve discovered Lord & Berry 20100 Matte Lipstick Pencil in Bouquet (£12). A lip crayon which adds richness to your pout and can be found in both matte or shiny options, this beauty stays in place for aaages too. The chunky pencil injects a strong pop of lip colour, with the Bouquet shade being a romantic reddy pink. Intense and vibrant, it will revive you instantly.

Love = lipstick. Always.

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