The Brug from Wunderlife Launches on Kickstarter


Today marks a very special day for an exciting new craftily designed bag and rug product, with The Brug from Wunderlife launching on Kickstarter this morning.

A brilliant combo, the Brug v2.0 comes all wrapped up as a portable bag, before you unravel and lay it out in rug form. A large, water-resistant surface, the material is big enough for the whole family to hop on for a ‘Brugnic’. Yes, my kids may have coined that term…

You can then also scoop up Lego/ crayons/ random bits and pieces, secure the Brug and take it on your travels. One excellent use I’ve found, is when the kids are grumpy after swimming and have soggy feet (you know the one). I lay said rug out for them to stand on, before tying up their wet cossies in its bag form and taking them home to wash. The kids and their swimming stuff. Ta-dah!

Brug 2.JPG

Navy blue with orange trim, this cleverly design multi-tasking product is perfect for parents, camping and generally filing away loose objects. Coming complete with instructions as to how you pack it away again, the versatile Brug is machine washable to boot.

Dominique and Melissa, the co-founders of Wunderlife, are both parents passionate about making life a little easier. Understanding all those hefty pressures of family life, their mission is to create products which save both time and space. Practical and effortless, I can testify that Wunderlife have achieved all of the above and more with their first product.

Make the most of an early bird Brug special, by heading across to Kickstarter and snapping up this bargainous buy for a limited offer price of £38, instead of the RRP £63. If you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter- basically, this trusted platform supports new independent businesses by allowing customers to pre-order a product and at the same time, help with start-up costs. You are then in turn part of a brilliant launch, and get a piece of the Brug action for less than you would normally pay. In this case, estimated delivery is June, just in time for the summer hols.

Brug 3.JPG

Head over to Kickstarter or find out more at

With thanks to Wunderlife for gifting me and family B with our own Brug, for the purpose of this review.

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