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Last month I began a trial of Gold Collagen, the tiny glass bottle with big skincare benefits.

Emerging from a delightful post-Christmas slump, my skin felt a little bit rubbish and definitely looked more dehydrated than usual. Nutricosmetic products remain at the forefront of beauty news, and are basically skincare buys which you eat or drink. With anti-ageing bonuses as well, the idea with this sort of supplement is that you plump your hair, skin and nails with collagen from within.

Clinically tested, Gold Collagen gained insight from a vast array of specialists, including dermatologists, to create the best formula- which contains active ingredients such as glucosamine, chrondoitin and L-carnitine.

I sampled the Active Gold Collagen option, gifted to me for a 30 day trial. This variety is aimed at people who lead busy lives and are constantly on the go. Sweetened with Stevia only, the drink contains collagen and hyaluronic acid, both fine line busting ingredients you would usually look for in anti-ageing skincare products. As an added feature, Active Gold Collagen also helps support muscles and joints.

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The liquid tastes fruity, tangy and slightly sweet and is actually nice to drink. I got into a routine of having it before breakfast or coffee, and the collagen became an easy part of my daily routine.

There was no difference at first, but after about 10 days I saw my skin look more refreshed and blemishes I had struggled to tackle seemed to be disappearing. Plus, my weakened (and often painted) nails definitely grew stronger than they previously had been. I can testify there are noticeable changes from drinking a Gold Collagen formula such as their Active programme.

As a quick fix prior to an event or celebration, I think it could be well worth considering a dose. Similarly, if you’re looking to improve skin, hair or nails on a more long-term basis, a 90 day course would be ideal.

I know this is something I will consider returning to for future skin, hair and nail TLC.

An Active Gold Collagen trial starts at £35.99 for 10 days and is available in 10, 30 or 90 day boxes.

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