Mum Mistakes


This week the school are doing an initiative to get kids walking more. The idea is that pupils wear sparkly, bright shoes to highlight being active and encourage them in the process. Which is all well and good, until someone (ahem, me) goes and gets the day wrong.

Yesterday, we embarked on our walk, complete with bright pink Converse-adorned feet. The closer we got to school, the more I became a little uneasy. For a walk-only day, the school car park looked suspiciously full/ bursting at the seams. A trip to the school office confirmed that this loon had totally confused her days, and it was in fact happening tomorrow instead.

For something so minor, I felt terrible. I honestly tried to suppress guilt all day long, and banish ideas of any kind of embarrassment L may feel at being in neon shoes when her friends had their normal black ones on. After much cringing on my part, the kids arrived home later proclaiming it had been the best day ever. This was for a reason totally unrelated to shoes, but it made me realise I was thankfully off the hook.

We then did the walk today, on the actual correct date, sparkly shoes and all. Skipping along (them, not me), the kids proceeded to insist yesterday’s mix-up had been their fault too. Apparently there was no date on the letter. As sweet and gorgeous as they are, it most definitely was down to me. Yet they totally lifted my mum guilt, also ramming it home this emotion is something that doesn’t even need to exist. Why do we continuously beat ourselves up?

So whatever you feel you’ve messed up this week, month or year; let it go. You are doing the best job you can, and your kids probably haven’t even noticed.


  1. KittNoir March 29, 2017 / 8:24 am

    Well said Lovely 😙👏

    • mummymode March 29, 2017 / 8:39 am

      Aw thank you gorgeous one xxx

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