Tenacious Me

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When L was a baby nearly eight years ago, there were moments my confidence levels seriously dipped and I needed a big self-esteem boost.

During this time, I clearly remember a conversation with my mum. We were talking about a strong woman in our family, and I said I wanted to be like her. I craved that ability to say it like it is, without the concern of coming across in a negative light. Mum then told me that this person had life experience aplenty and it was those events which shaped her strong personality.

I think the balance between holding your own and remaining assertive yet kind can be a difficult one. However, as I get older and continue on my motherhood journey, I feel this character trait becoming more distinct. That worry about offending others when standing up for myself (or the kids) no longer surfaces.

Determination is something I see shining through in L’s personality- she refuses to give up on a project and always inspires me with her incredible will, whether working on a project or learning a new skill. The power of tenacity and remaining completely focused means a you more committed to your own convictions, regardless of outside opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, I care deeply about others and the thoughts of my friends. But I also know that as individuals, we have to protect ourselves and carve our own paths with pride and strength.

So much has changed since those early motherhood days, and my mama experiences have definitely contributed to the current mindset I possess. Softer edges have been toughened by enduring challenging situations and some elements of my attitude are forever strengthened as a result.

I continually strive to embrace that all important kindness where I can, while protecting my precious values and sense of self in equal measure. Maintaining control of your own life and the influences within it, is such an empowering move.

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