The Name Changer


We have a couple of family weddings coming up this year. Really interestingly, both brides have chosen to keep their maiden name, which made me feel compelled to write about my own moniker story.

Something that seemed to strike me as the right thing to do almost immediately after becoming engaged, was that I would double barrel both surnames when going through the changing conundrum. It was not to be pretentious or all those other things sometimes associated with hyphenating, but as I couldn’t bear to lose the name I began life with. It can be a little bit of a mouthful and at first this made me feel self-conscious, yet ultimately, picking the choice which is right for me has always been a priority.

Not one for travelling down the expected routes, our whirlwind wedding was exactly what we wanted and so my forever name had to be too. We did joke at the time about creating a brand new surname, and I love hearing about people who actually do this.

We gave the kids Wilson as a middle name, meaning they can use my maiden name if ever they want. Names are such a personal thing and the greatest part of this is being able to have an option. It can often be assumed that I am Mrs Beevers, Helen Beevers or simply retain Wilson as a middle name too, when in fact legally and on all documents, Mrs Helen Wilson-Beevers is my official married name.

When RSVPing to a family wedding in August, the lovely bride sent me such a nice email about family names, explaining how important she felt it was to get it right for table plans etc. This touched me so much, because even after 9 years of being a Mrs, it does sometimes go unnoticed that I made that decision to join my own name with the Mr’s.

If you’re married and have taken your husband’s name, kept your own, joined the two or created a completely new surname altogether, ultimately like everything in life, the best bit is staying true to YOU.

P.s Now, to get some fake tan on and start the prep for our first wedding weekend of the season, my gorgeous sister’s on Saturday. Eeeeek!

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