Taking Some Time

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I’m going to be honest here- last week I felt overwhelmed. After one bit of information too many, I needed to stop and take stock.

There was a lot going on, and I just wanted to get off the merry-go-round. I had a cry, an enormous howl  in fact, and went to sleep feeling fed up.

Then the following morning, I made the decision to put all of my effort into distraction. After completing my work for the day, this diversion ended up being a mammoth gardening task and total re-paint of our fence (something which took the rest of that week). It was so good to become completely engrossed in something other than what had been going around my mind.

My husband offered to help with the fence, when late on Thursday night I was dangling on tip toes trying to reach a tricky post. Obviously this was a kind thought as an injury did seem imminent, but my project had become a personal triumph, and something I needed to complete alone.

Apart from the fact I’ve now become quite fascinated with gardening, which is a shock all round, I feel back in control and ready to face the next hurdle.

As you can see, I have chosen to model my new fence above, as an illustration of these efforts. . .

I’d also like to add that the gorgeous Coffee & Lash tee I’m wearing was sent to me by the very lovely Victoria, who is the founder of MUA Apparel, in order to post a pic on Instagram. It costs £22.99 and is made from the softest organic cotton. Being a complete coffee and mascara fiend, the brand is right up my street, and I’d definitely recommend checking out their goodies. I wasn’t asked to blog about the tee, I just really love it, and wanted to share with you.

So, having added fairy lights, as many flowers as I can cram in, and a couple of garden decorations too, I’m wondering what my next outdoor project can be?

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