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Brand new from Mattel is their Enchantimals range, a collection of cute characters with an accompanying pet each. We were invited to their exciting launch event, but given that annoying thing called geography, just couldn’t make it. Cue very happy kids when a special preview set arrived in the post yesterday.

These brightly coloured toys are packed with sweet detail, and quite frankly, I’m pretty taken with them myself. We’ve got a gorgeous little friend staying this weekend, so our review goodies were perfectly timed. The girls have chatted and played with the characters, making up games aplenty.

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The Enchantimals product line includes 14 small dolls and 3 playsets, such as; Felicity Fox & Flick, Sage Skunk & Caper, Bree Bunny & Twist and Patter Peacock & Flap. All owning different characteristics and quirks, the enchanting toys are an ideal size for carrying around. We went out for the day today, so the kids’ favourite characters came with us as well.

L is an avid rabbit lover, ensuring her best pick had to be Bree Bunny, while our pal E chose Felicity Fox & Flick as a standout. Special features cover removable shoes, headbands and skirts, making for some dress-up fun too.

They are lovely little friendship dolls, and it seemed apt that our sleepover weekend started with the girls selecting their preferred characters. Spanning across different animals and accessories, there’s a lot of fun to be had with the new Enchantimals.

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Summer holidays on the horizon, I can see the Enchantimals being part of our adventures. A toy small enough to fit in my bag, without the risk of being lost, gets a mama thumbs up every time. That, and I’d quite like to play with them myself…

Enchantimals are now available to buy, RRP from £8.99 per toy. Visit enchantimals.com to find out more. 

The toys featured were gifted to us for the purpose of this review.


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