Northumberland Beach Days


However knackered or stressed I feel, even on days when all is perfectly calm, as soon as the beach comes into view my soul lifts, sings and jumps for joy.

When I was younger, during exams, driving test failures, friendship struggles and the rest, Mum would take me to the coast. Those frothy, sloshing waves calmed any worries and the brilliant thing is, you can pound the life out of sand to your heart’s content.

We lived about half an hour away from a beach growing up, yet now I’m lucky enough to have one within a ten minute drive. Eight, if you’re desperately seeking sandy shores.

Pulling in to the seaside town closest is like a drug, pure and simple salty aired therapy. L has recently started dance classes in Alnmouth, Northumberland, meaning I get almost sixty blissful minutes to occupy myself during her lesson. Last week, the rain lashed down and I watched the waves from my car. I then got out, braved the elements and walked.

Even when not standing on the sand, I can feel the peace and tranquility just thinking about it. There’s something so basic and grounding about knowing you are this tiny dot beside a massive ocean.

Sometimes it is extremely easy for your brain to become muddled and completely overwhelmed. One sure fire sign of this is those days I haphazardly put a sock in the bin and a wrapper in the washing machine. Or hairspray under my arm instead of deodorant. Please tell me I’m not the only one?

Stripping everything back to a walk at the beach or a minute in the bath are both my favourite ways to unwind. Hopefully, this weekend I’ll do each one. With two little minis in tow. And maybe even some fish and chips too.

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  1. Dina July 24, 2017 / 8:51 am

    You look great on the beach! Northumberland is so beautiful. <3

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