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We’ve just got back from a gorgeous trip to Scotland, with my parents whisking the kids and I away for a week. Cramming a few newbies into my case, I wanted to update you on the summer hair and skincare goodies I’m loving at the moment.

First up is a whirlwind romance with Sanctuary Spa, via their Wet Skin Moisture Miracle, which completely changes everything moisturiser related. I’m one of those girls who adores body lotions and all that jazz, but frankly struggles to find the time or effort for prancing about while it dries post-shower.

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I strive to regularly moisturise, yet can’t seem to find the rhythm. That was until, Sanctuary sent me a bundle of goodies including this absolute babe. Basically, you bathe or shower as normal and then apply the Wet Skin Moisture Miracle straight after, without drying skin first. Once slathered all over skin, towel dry et voila- completely softened and soothed skin that is ready for clothes immediately.

Priced at £8 normally, there are summer offers popping up both on the Sanctuary site itself and in Boots. Seriously, you need to snap some up.

From the same brand, Being is a fresh range packed with fruity flavours. A bold, bright product selection, the Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom Body Wash, plus Chilli Mango & Tonka Bean joined said moisturising marvel in my bag. Finally, their Salted Caramel & Macadamia Hand Cream is absolute bliss. With five fragrances to choose between, there are 9 products in each flavour and prices start at £4.

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Clearly any sunkissed glow created during a stay in Scotland is going to come out of a bottle. Partly because I’m not one of those lucky peeps who tan easily, and well, it was flipping freezing some days. Step forward, St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower (£14.50).

This natural and helpfully streak-free sunless tanner is infused with deliciously smelling sweet almond oil for extra hydration. You can build up as much of a glow as desired, depending on personal preference. After washing in the shower, apply before waiting for three minutes, get back under the water and rinse off. The tan gradually develops, and can be used regularly.

St Tropez have always been the ultimate tanning gurus, and this intuitive beauty buy simplifies that sunless glow process. Easy to use and creating a summery tan, Gradual Tan In Shower will remain a firm bathroom cabinet favourite.

Holiday haircare came courtesy of mini Charles Worthington Take Away bottles, finished off with John Frieda Sea Waves Salt Spray. I’m going to Greece in October for three nights with Mr B (can you hear my excited squeals from there?) and these beauties will definitely be making the journey too. My hair is naturally wavy so when I need a break, relaxed haircare gets my vote.

The Charles Worthington Sunshine Protector Take Aways cover Shampoo, Conditioner, Salt Spray and UV Protection Leave-In Spray. All priced around £2, you can find them in Boots. Ranging across 50-75ml, they are ideal hand luggage size as well. UV filters shield locks and protect against potential colour damage, while ingredients like moringa seed extract nourish.

At the forefront of frizz-fighting, John Frieda first came to my attention as a teen with an Aslan mane. Their Frizz Ease range is phenomenal, so I was keen to try the Sea Waves Salt Spray.

Providing texture minus the crunch, you can run through hair and then either blow dry and style or leave. I’ve done a bit of both and am a fan of each effect. Most lazily, I like the air dry look on hols and weekends alike. For zero effort and a tousled style, walk this way.

Disclaimer: all beauty products featured were sent to me as gifts to try. All opinions and frizz-prone hair my own.

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