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As the sun doesn’t seem to be making much of an appearance this British summer, I thought I’d talk you through a sunless tanner roundup from ultimate fake tan brand, St. Tropez.

I introduced the Gradual Tan In Shower (RRP £14.50) on here a week or so ago, listing it as one of my summer holiday favourites. Such a simple product to use, you literally wash, apply to wet skin, wait three mins and rinse off. A perfect tanning number if you’re searching for a natural look, this baby is my new shower buddy. As someone a little on the pale side, light works well for me, but if you’re going for more of a tan, you may want to explore the medium version.

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An innovative and breakthrough newbie is St. Tropez’ Self Tan Express Nourishing and Glowing Tanning Face Mask (RRP £15 per pack of two). Suggesting five mins for a light look, ten for medium or fifteen for deep, I chose the first option. You apply the mask and wait, before removing and rubbing excess into your hairline. As I used it at night, my tan was visible in the morning after a specified 8 hour development time.

Waking up with a definite glow, it looked like I’d had a fortnight somewhere very hot. The tan lasted for a good while, which impressed me and my skin definitely appeared healthy and radiant. I would say probably try the mask out for less minutes rather than more, just to get an initial impression of how deep you’d like this colour to be as the tan effect is very obvious.

Another recent addition from St. Tropez, their Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt and Glow (RRP £18), will take you from summer through to regular winter tan top-ups. One to pop on for a sunkissed shimmer, this suits me well and I’ll use it a lot. A moisturising lotion that can be applied daily, a gradual sunless tan appears that creates a natural, toned effect.

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Finally, I know a lot of tan fans favour mousse, for which the Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse (RRP £33) may tick your beauty boxes. A classic tanning mousse with a twist, this fast-acting number enables you to choose a one, two or three hour development time depending on the depth of tan. Brilliant if you’d like to avoid sleeping in the tanner, it will continue to deepen over 8 hours, even after you’ve washed the mousse off.

I rubbed the mousse in with help from a Tan Applicator Mitt, and would absolutely not go it alone and use hands. This mitt promotes a streak-free practice and makes a massive difference to the overall finish.

So there you go, a comprehensive guide of the latest St. Tropez self tan goodies, ensuring a lovely tan whether you’ve travelled further than the UK or not this summer. It’s worth noting that all of the above are on offer at Boots at the mo, meaning you can snap up a bargain or replenish existing sunless tanner stocks.

The products featured were gifted to me for the purpose of this review. See more at

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