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Brand new to Smiggle are several back to school buys, which the kids got to test out this weekend. My lucky mites were gifted a few pieces, and jumped for joy when our postman dropped them off on Saturday.

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Covering backpacks, pencil cases, water bottles and much more, Smiggle’s signature bright colours and bold print pave the way for some serious new school term fun.

Although initially modelled in our back garden, Mr T has taken to coming down the stairs on a morning and announcing he’s ready for school, backpack firmly in place. The bag has crafty design features, from multiple zip pockets to dedicated headphone slots and drinks holders. Smiggle create excellent quality products, comprising sturdy material and robust components. And of equal importance, their inventions are simply lighthearted and exciting.

L and T each received a City Backpack (£33.50) and City Straight Drink Up Bottle (£8.50). L picked a City Hardtop Lunchbox (£19) while T chose the City Double Decker Lunchbox (£17.50). While these are individually priced, there are multi-buy options, such as the City Back to School Pack, including a backpack, lunchbox and water bottle for £45.

Smiggle goodies are ever popular at the kids’ school and I know they love looking at what their classmates have too. Other bits they have a keen eye on are scented pencils, watches, notebooks, rulers, erasers, calculators and gel pens. I remember so clearly that September giddiness, and the idea of shiny new pencil cases and school bags.

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I’m not even sure the novelty has worn off yet, with stationery still being a total treat. Although, I think the kids may have overtaken me in the too-cool-for-school stakes.

All the Smiggle items featured were gifted to us for the purpose of this review. Both cheeky chops children my own.

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